Embracing Our Selves
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Embracing Our Selves

Embracing Our Selves

The Voice Dialogue Training Manual
— paperback
(Revised Edition with introduction by Shakti Gawain)
by Drs. Hal Stone and Sidra Stone
$12.00 Also available as an eBook
Published by New World Library, Novato, CA

This is the revolutionary work that you have heard so much about! Written for the psychologically minded lay person, but hailed as a potential clinical text, it provides a clearly written, entertaining, in-depth introduction to your inner family of selves. Learn how these inner selves develop and how they can affect your life as Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone describe the Psychology of Selves. See how you can contact these selves and understand them using the Voice Dialogue method.

The Basic Elements of Voice Dialogue
Voice Dialogue IntroductionVoice Dialogue IntroductionVoice Dialogue Introduction
Selves in a Box
The Voice Dialogue Series

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